Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles – Buyer’s Guide

Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles - Before and After
The wrinkles appearing under the eyes could be signs of premature aging when you start getting them while young. On the other hand, actual aging could also cause them to accumulate and form a baggy structure under your eyes.

The other probable reason could be collagen depletion in the skin layers. An effective eye cream can help in decreasing the intensity of wrinkles by increasing the collagen concentration.

For this, the cream has to work through several stages of facial skin care.

  • Free Radicals: – An efficient eye cream is supposed to eliminate the effects of free radicals on the facial skin. They are said to be mainly caused by the UV radiation from the sun. The probable generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) could be reduced by applying the wrinkle cream on the affected areas. The effectiveness of the cream could be evaluated by its ability to stay at the skin surface for a long time and also get absorbed by the skin till the subcutaneous layers.  This process could eliminate the ROS.
  • Tissue Damage: – The tissues in the dermis and the epidermis layers are said to be highly sensitive to damages from heat, UV, and humidity. This might cause them to shrink in size, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. An effective wrinkle cream could be able to restore the supply proteins and vitamins to the damaged tissues and repair them. The other probability is the generation of new cells to replace the damaged ones and repair the tissues.
  • Collagen Depletion: – Collagen is said to be the main element which keeps the tightness of the skin intact. The skin under the eyes loses collagen with aging and free radical damages. The breakdown of collagen could cause invisible scars, leading to the formation of wrinkles. An effective wrinkle cream could initiate the antioxidant activities for the elimination of UV effect on collagen layers. In the second stage, the cream ingredients could be able to regenerate the lost collagen concentrations. This might help in the tightening of skin layers under the eyes and eliminate the wrinkles gradually.

Cosmetic Corrections – Imitation of Nature’s Own Way

Antioxidant elements in the wrinkle cream could work to produce efficient results when it is applied topically onto the dermis layer of the skin. The ingredients are said to be effective in the restoration of skin cell health in the long run. They might be able to achieve this by supplying the essential vitamins, proteins minerals, and nutrients.

 Role of Vitamins

  • Vitamin C with the ingredients of ascorbic acid and magnesium compound could be able to repair the damages caused to the skin cells. Though the exact required quantity of this vitamin is not evaluated, researchers have shown consistent treatment of the cells might be helpful in the regeneration.
  • Retinoid is said to be another vitamin (A) compound which could be helpful in strengthening the skin cells from the roots. The real purpose of this compound is said to be the reactivation of mitochondria within each cell which might become weaker with the skin aging (premature or natural).
  • Vitamin B compounds are said to be highly effective in establishing cell communications within the dermis and epidermis layers. They could increase the strength of cellular interlinking and cellular bonding to promote the skin layer tightening.
  • Vitamin E present in the wrinkle cream could cause the formation of cellular “mass”, which is responsible for the restoration of the original cell size. This might be helpful in the elimination of shrinkage and restore the original condition of the skin layers in the dermis and epidermis layers.

Role of Minerals

The role of micro minerals is said to be a restoration of cell strength and protection from UV. The ingredient in the wrinkle cream could be mainly in the form of mineral oil in micro quantities.

  • Magnesium compound is said to play the role of “fortifying” the vitamins into the skin layers and fill in the gaps of cell walls. But there could be a risk of filling up the skin pores leading to blocks. Hence the makers of wrinkle cream might have to take extra care to avoid such problems. This could depend on the concentration of the magnesium compound and another pore cleaning ingredient.
  • Vitamin B12 is said to contain many essential minerals which are supposed to be responsible for curing the anemic conditions of the skin cells. They are said to cause the smooth supply of blood to the inner skin layers (from the Cutaneous to the dermis and epidermis), which release vital energy to the skin cells and tissues. This might result in cell and tissue strengthening.
  • Essential minerals are said to play a vital role in scavenging of free radicals within the epidermis and the dermis layers. They are supposed to effectively eliminate the radicals or neutralize their effects.

Role of Nutrients

Nutrients are said to be responsible for the rejuvenation of skin cells within the epidermis layer. Their ability to diffuse into the skin cells and propagate along the communication channels makes them highly essential for increasing the strength of intercellular bonding.

  • Nutrients are said to play a significant role in the restoration of collagen. They act as supporting elements for the collagen in enhancing the tensile strength and flexibility of the skin layers.
  • Nutrients are supposed to be supportive for the regeneration of elastin, which restores the skin layer elasticity.
  • Nutrients are said to be the healing elements for the UV damaged skin cells. They are said to repair the inner cellular structure and the outer walls.

Eye Wrinkle Cream – Treating the Roots of Wrinkles

The wrinkles under the eyes have deeper roots which go to the inner most skin layers. They are obviously more than just the results of UV damages. In fact, many of them might not be cured permanently due to natural aging. What the cream can do effectively is to reduce the pace at which the wrinkle formation is happening from the root levels.

Premature Aging

The role of wrinkle cream is said to be more effective with premature skin aging. This might be due to the enhanced probability of restoration.

  • The primary task of wrinkle cream is to restore the health of mitochondria (discussed earlier) which is the source of energy within each cell. Normally the premature aging of skin is said to deplete the activity of mitochondria by cutting off essential nutrients and vitamins. When the deprivation extends to a longer period, the cell might die away. Hence the ingredients are said to revive the cell core by streamlining the supply of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Premature aging is also said to be responsible for the slowdown of antioxidant activities in the skin, leaving the layers exposed to Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). By regular application of the wrinkle cream, the antioxidant elements could be regenerated within the skin layers, which can neutralize the ROS. Sustained usage of the cream might restore the normal antioxidant activity restoration.
  • Premature aging is said to have its effects on the concentration of collagen in the skin layers. It can reduce the normal production significantly, leading to wrinkles under the eyes. At the same time, it is also said to be responsible for depleting the supply of vital energy to the existing collagen, making it ineffective. Since the skin in this region is said to be most sensitive the effects could be relatively intense compared to the other parts of the skin. Hence the wrinkle cream is supposed to contain strong ingredients for the repair the existing collagen by restoring the energy supplies. At the same time, it is also said to be responsible for the generation of new collagen molecules from skin metabolic activities.

Natural Aging

Natural aging is said to cause glycation products within the skin layers under the eyes. The fibrous protein called collagen is said to decrease naturally due to clumping. This is said to be the natural reason for the formation of wrinkles. Since this process is said to begin in the facial skin, the intensity is supposed to be more in this region.

  • Connective Tissues: – The main task of wrinkle cream is said to be the restoration of breaks in the connective tissues in the skin layers. This is said to be a gradual process which might also initiate the fresh generation of collagen. Since most of the collagen generating points are said to be near to the cheek bone connecting muscles, the cream ingredients are supposed to penetrate till that layer and start the collagen production. This might take relatively more time compared to the normal generation.
  • Oxidation Reduction: – The effects of free radicals is said to increase with natural aging. The direct result could be seen in the skin under the eyes. The ingredients of the wrinkle cream are said to be responsible for the gradual neutralization of ROS.  The micro level omega3 fatty acids in the cream could be effective in protecting the skin cells and tissues in the long run.


Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles
Stated Ingredients

Bisabolol and Bisabolol are said to be the two main ingredients.

Stated Effectiveness

  • UV Damages: – The ingredients are said to be effective in repairing the damages caused by the effects of UV, aging, and depletion of essentials.
  • Collagen Restoration: – The concentration of collagen and elastin are said to increase to a significant extent, leading to the skin tightening under the eyes. This could naturally eliminate the wrinkles. The ingredients are said to be responsible for the localized production of collagen within the facial skin. This is said to be more effective and produce a long lasting cure for the crows-feet and other types of wrinkles within the skin under the eyes. Ingredients are supposed to increase the concentration of Hyaluronic acid within the skin layers. This is one element which could enhance the skin elasticity.
  • Vitamins Supply: – The ingredients are stated to be capable of restoring the supplies of essential vitamins and proteins to the skin layers. This could restore their health and improve the tensile strength.
  • Wrinkle Softening: – The ingredients are stated to soften the wrinkles and increase the tightness of skin in the dermis and epidermis layers. The essential oils in the product B are supposed to soften the roots of wrinkles within the skin’s layers from eh epidermis and dermis till the subcutaneous layers.
  • Skin Moisture: – The moisture levels of the skin cells are stated to be restored to the normal condition. This is said to be followed by the supply of essential elements which are supposed to enhance the moisture retention in eh skin layers.
  • Muscle Relaxation: – The ingredients are stated to relax the facial muscles. This is said to be effective in reducing the crow-feet type of wrinkles which normally appear below the eyes.
  • Slow Aging: – The ingredients are stated to reduce the pace of skin aging under the eyes. This could be due to the restoration of cell health by enhancing the mitochondrial activities. The restoration of vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and minerals to the skin cells is said to reduce the pace of skin aging.
  • Pores cleaning: – The ingredients are stated to free the skin pores by eliminating all the toxic elements accumulation from the skin layers. This is supposed to enhance the skin cell health in all the aspects.

Final Verdict:

REVITOL seems to be effective for premature aging, since the ingredients are stated to be capable of UV repair damages, skin softening and tightening. At the same time, it seems to be effective for the repair and substance of under the eye skin during natural aging. This is said to be due to the restoration of mitochondrial activities which might slow down as the skin ages naturally.  The time required for the healing of wrinkles might vary for every individual, depending on the skin condition and health, age, existing medical conditions etc. If you are allergic to any of the stated ingredients you might need to contact your skin specialist before using the product.